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From album cover and package design to web design and everything in between, our talented graphic artists can create the tools you need to successfully promote your product. If you are looking for major label quality on an independent budget, let us turn your rough ideas into polished solutions!

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CD packaging

Corners of a Circle – Now What?

Corners of a Circle

Tha Silencer Presents Tha Getuzz

Tha Getuzz

Little Man – Core of Discovery
Little Man

Skip Towne and the Greyhounds – Detours
(Rock and blues)

Skiptowne and the Greyhounds


Website design

Vedanta West Communications
(Spiritual music and publications)

Vedanta West

Muldaur Media
(Documentary film producer)

William Maul
(Classical composer)

William Maul

(Rock and blues band)


(Gospel singer)


The Wingmen
(Self-help music for children with autism)The Wingmen

(Web calendar service)


Flash animation sample

Rebel Records
(hip-hop label)

Rebel Records