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3rd Millennium offers the highest quality Media Manufacturing,
Mastering/Authoring/Encoding, Graphic Design, Website services,
Music Marketing Tools and CD Ripping services.

• Complete packages for CD, DVD, 7" & 12" Vinyl, Cassette, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM & VHS video

• CD & DVD packages with no minimum in as little as one day

• Our CDR's conform to audio "Red Book" standards so there aren't the usual incompatibility issues

• Major label quality CD jewel box overwrap on ANY quantity ordered!

• Website Development & Maintenance, reliable Hosting and Domain Registration, Email services

• Easy to update Online Web Calendar

• Other Website Features such as Online CD & Merchandise Sales, Music Downloads, Mailing Lists, et cetera

• Outstanding full-service Graphic Design department

• Custom eye-grabbing Promo Kits & e-Kits; promotional items such as Stickers, 8"x10" Photo Reproduction, attention-getting Business Cards, killer Logos, Posters, Buttons, T-shirts, et cetera!!! Create your own stickers and some other promotional items.

• CD Ripping service — let us fill your iPod, or other music player, and/or build your Music Server

• CD/DVD Duplication Equipment sales


With well over two decades of mastering experience and many Billboard chartings in all genres of music, we can get your product ready for the airwaves and sonically on the same level as major label releases!

• Pro CD Album & Vinyl Record Mastering; DVD Authoring; Music/Video Encoding

• Audio & Video Tape/Media Transfers


You name it, we'll create it!

• Specialties such as Shaped, Image and Business Card CD's, Colored Vinyl

• Printed vinyl record Album Jackets

• Custom and alternative packaging for any format


We work with many self-financed artists and independent record labels, so we understand what budget means!

• Nationally competitive pricing

• Major label look and quality

• Free consultation